About Me

Hi!  I’m ZPH and ZPH.

I enjoy writing Ruby, using the commandline, and dabbling with DBs (Hi Postgresql and Mongo!).  Ruby led me to meet Sinatra, Rails and a whole slew of other tools.  I’m a Linux enthusiast for my web and home servers and I realized that resistance is futile, so I bought a MacBook Air laptop.  (One day I’ll be re-united with a good quality Linux laptop.)

My latest projects are as follows:

  • Wrote Buff Gem for interacting with Buffer API through a Ruby interface.
  • Re-write and expansion of Trello-archiver.  Added TSV and CSV exports.  Cleaned up code and added extra OO.
  • Wrote internal software tool using Sinatra, Google Maps, PDFKit, and Docx_templating to speed up repetitive tasks at work.  Software gathers reports from various Gov’t agencies and converts them into PDFs.  It then web-scrapes data from agency and inserts it into Word Docx templates.
  • Wrote internal software tool using Rails, Tire/ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Mongo_mapper, and a whole lot of Mechanize.  Tool web-scraped and properly ordered data into appropriate fields.  Rails app serves up the data and Tire allows for powerful text searching.
  • Pair programmed to port useful features out of the defunkt Github-gem. The extracted features will be available in git-network gem.
  • Automated Industry News notifications for field offices.  Involved web-scraping Ruby code to gather news articles and convert them to PDF.  Tool then sent messages out to Field Managers with weekly updates.
  • Setting up a home server based on Arch Linux and serving files off of ZFS with its yummy yummy redundant storage.
  • Home Automation using Z-wave protocol devices.

As for the software stack that I’ve grown to know and love:

  • Ruby (MRI & JRUBY)
  • VIM
  • Rspec, Minitest, Pry
  • Ruby on Rails / Sinatra
  • OSX & Linux (Debian, Ubuntu & Arch)
  • Linux (POSIX Compliant) Commandline Tools
  • MySQL, Postgresql, and MongoDB
  • Apache, Nginx, Varnish
  • Amazon EC2, S3
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • QGIS & ArcGIS - GIS Mapping Software

For the software that’s not part of my programming environment:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003
  • MS Office incl. Visio
  • LogMeIn Hamachi, NeoRouter VPN
  • Squid Proxy Server
  • WordPress
I love Ruby, pair programming, Open Source Software, TDD and some other important buzzwords. I’m very fortunate to be happily employed but I’m open to hearing about Ruby and Ruby on Rails opportunities. -ZPH Zander@Civet.ws [FSF Associate Member] Public Key for Secure Communications or to Report Site Vulnerabilities (all of which will be publicly credited): —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (Darwin) mQENBFELRMkBCADCzRhXRay07dUrFEErtzbsHM7vlALoJqG32uVhr/HvrOVN5Rlk BXUPK9HvD2TtQlb9B9lFmpb1NDbdhl9VeunRzHMp0G8XcH4gO8mXe9rhcLo+c5Cm 5vcvFM0XKLckSXf52mngkxdiXJiCtciG8TI1ef6qL01xBoo1lUjSLT3liTFTNZ0W 01xnoaos0mTVIETRa0WthDuYiKUxtCRMU0WIZdrnYwsSDDI/R4oFi7OhO/iGVRVt A+g46ebFSRPT6uOTdkybtvW4LAJANfJA6yF9W4fwd/f68pXI++7GMZ12m93e5HAJ iLhaJdNZ80pjg+rfPJo/9aRKNfKzPXlsoKpLABEBAAG0HlphbmRlciA8emFuZGVy LmhpbGxAZ21haWwuY29tPokBPgQTAQIAKAUCUQtEyQIbIwUJCWYBgAYLCQgHAwIG FQgCCQoLBBYCAwECHgECF4AACgkQlEecm9I/+eVSDwf+IMWe0BiOnjMOKpNqTcqb uFHeuFoAqsBXuery35c36yuTry5IssWY4WjvNj48xY1uACBjdc0dsb6KM9irJSv3 jo2W5je0A4EDZ65ivwiU2TuWmt6IbTDQUNE3Am56h3u8AwFqb9DewuEDtPdjX+Uw fSlgPwkr7npyi8PJgndJRJy8v+78wbPz+aRgaAvW23wITgE5y2QpwXjMfmm51jKO naEGy57RKSB8FhezcbenpHEi74KfXT3JJpJlai7Yvf16a7Ra9IKPi8/JrJ0m8aMd UYyV2yifhg5z0TGEfaqj8X9IrrmFLRVhGqI8UDwXtMDgi/gBj+XDd+91dqSPbztv FbkBDQRRC0TJAQgA2mf4NEU4DnUFaEaex1T8oDldSc2O7z0gg5RocQ3Y4e/D3F2Z 2KTvk05of7ZKO+Aihw+eGucFe94zlOZdhsWZpau1vEG8ROpHKWD6Oi77DGx9usfn +alWOqyzr4W3bxmp52qdjYRBGmYaOwBLW0fdoeMfHvsrdYdITSpIB14svWMP6nLV QRrgKKncdsf+PTAOF4c/FyrCzDu3CjDa8HSJFNQkcDnO+uHlgNn99xAkn/XwPSQj yKrwc96f2T7fQSpSQpNHQQsdTHUozPxIW6KXKk8UdPHTC5IgtdvIeGMdkS+gRxX2 yLZZezxKqCoRV7ggupSqehTCJOC6ZpZXqsku3QARAQABiQElBBgBAgAPBQJRC0TJ AhsMBQkJZgGAAAoJEJRHnJvSP/nlqCcH/0U7NAuCqY+eKFcBPx97Ch+/e8cya9Dn yxTYzFfhE6x7yGu/u/whLZVkhi/CgqyZUnddro+ZxttVbCwo5LwaN0sLwBDXSxqr JHyWHGtRkWS9qWosxazI32wVDGStmMdyQCCpT02fR0Fp/px7ZH0WV00ybdOuy0nR 1k3y6I7zSvq74a4JHEITnZqWaDSo/BO8tWbCPS+KGAcF5ifTcsoxcQBNu3AVb9ob Kd0BywMvwVE2eAT8mw7iAlGLAM2b4ymJXVCf5rBfINhMaoIl5ADiks8bP8teOcJP LB4GLiL/xFfWlfHNpw+lBIfrj0Mvwu/AYtwpQ0u5aMlbiImN6LMv+w4= =JT+k —–END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—–
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